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Addons Full
adytzuDate: Luni, 2008-12-08, 6:24 PM | Message # 1
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Addons AMX MOD X

Ce contine :

adm in_screen2.amxx

Ce fac fiecare :
hpk.amxx ->>

Da fara pe cei cu ping mai mare de 80 !!!

NU lasa decat pe cei din Romania

merge sa dai in consola admin_who ai ceva de genu

Cod pentru fiecare
God "abcdefghijklmnopqrstu"

Moderator "abcdefghijkmnopqrstu"

Administrator "abcefijmnpqrstu"

Slot "ab"
( slotu trebuie neaparat cu imunitate )


Admini ce au acess la kick pot vedea prin pereti dupa ce mor ( 15% mai putini codati )

dai RR la sv .. ca sa dai rr scri pe chat /restart si va aparea ceva de genu
daca plyaer-ul ce are bmb este afk bmb se transfera la inceputul rundei

dai mesaj de atentionare celor ce nu respecta regulamentul sv-ului

dai in consola comanda amx_showip si iti arata ip-urile ATENTIE MERGE CHIAR DACA NU AI ADMIN SAU SLOT

faci poza la playeri -- > comanda amx_screen nume nr poze


Cei cu steam au slot rezervat ( atentie nu PACSTEAM )

amx_llama ( ca si la admin mod merge 100% + ca dupa ce ii dai unllama il aduce la numele initial nu NotALlama )

Descrie foarte frumos pe chat pe cine omoara coechipieri tai ceva de genu Gigle la pamant

Aici e mai complicat ce comenzi iti da ...

ADMIN HEAL v0.9.3 by f117bomb, revised by JTP10181 -- Gives health to players.
ADMIN ARMOR v1.0 by JTP10181 -- Gives armor to players.
ADMIN REVIVE II v0.1 by SniperBeamer, revised by Bo0m! -- Revives dead players.
ADMIN NOCLIP v1.0 by Bo0m! -- Gives players noclip.
ADMIN GODMODE v1.0 by Bo0m! -- Give players godmode.
ADMIN TELEPORT v0.9.3 by f117bomb, revised by JTP10181-- Teleport to a certain spot x y z
ADMIN STACK v0.9.3 by f117bomb -- Stacks all players on someone's head.
ADMIN ALLTALK v1.0 by BigBaller -- Sets alltalk.
ADMIN GRAVITY v0.2 by JustinHoMi -- Sets gravity.
ADMIN MONEY v1.0 by XxAvalanchexX with additions from Bo0m! -- Gives (or takes) money from players.
ADMIN WEAPON II Build 6.5 by SniperBeamer\Girthesniper\Meatwad, revised by Bo0m! -- Gives players weapons.
ADMIN AMMO v1.0 by V3x, revised by Doombringer/Deviance -- Give/Take Unlimited Ammo
ADMIN SPEED vv1.0 by X-olent (Turbo)

ADMIN BURY v0.9.3 by f117bomb, revised by Bo0m! -- Buries players in the ground.
ADMIN DISARM v1.1 by mike_cao, revised by Bo0m! -- Strips players of their weapons.
ADMIN UBER SLAP v0.9.3 by BarMan (Skullz.NET) -- Slaps players through the air until they have 1 health (and probably die from a fall).
ADMIN SLAY 2 v0.9.3 by f117bomb, revised by JTP10181 -- Like slay, only with special effects!
ADMIN ROCKET v1.3 by f117bomb, revised by JTP10181 -- Turns players into rockets!
ADMIN FIRE v1.0.0 by f117bomb -- Sets players on fire!
ADMIN QUIT v1.0 by Bo0m! -- Forces players to close their game.
ADMIN GAG v1.8.3 by EKS -- Gags players from speaking or using the voicecomm.
ADMIN FLASH v1.0 by AssKicR, rewritten by Bo0m! -- Flashbangs players.
ADMIN DRUG v1.0 by X-olent
ADMIN BAD AIM 1.3 by Twistedeuphoria
ADMIN TEAM LOCK v1.3 by Bmann_420, revised by Doombringer/Deviance -- Allows teams to be locked
ADMIN TRANSFER v1.0 by Deviance -- Transfer players to diff teams, swap teams, and swap players
ADMIN EXEC 2 v0.3 by v3x -- Executes commands on players.

ADMIN STATUS by Zor -- Shows detailed player information in a MOTD window.
ADMIN SERVER PASSWORD v1.0 by Sparky911 -- Sets a server password.
ADMIN SERVER SHUTDOWN v1.0 by Remo Williams, revised by Bo0m! -- Shuts off the server and makes players reconnect for quick fixes.
ADMIN CHECK v1.15 by OneEyed -- Type /admin to see what admins are in the server
ADMIN MAP EXTEND v1.1 by JSauce -- amx_extend the current map
ADMIN LISTEN v2.3 by Psychoguard, rewritten by Maxim and ported by Oj@eKiLLzZz deb/urandom
ADMIN VOCOM v1.3 by toazron1 Revised by X-olent
CHANGE TO SPEC AND BACK v1.0 Origional code by Regalis, Revised by Exolent
ENTER/LEAVE MESSAGES v1.0 by by [Kindzhon] China Revised by Bmann_420 and X-olent
DAMAGE DONE v0.4 by Manip, revised by JTP10181 and Vittu -- Shows how much damage you did to enemies by your crosshair.
DEAD CHAT v2.1 by SuicideDog -- Talk to the other team via voicecomm while dead.
LOADING SOUNDS v1.0 by [OSA]Odin/White Panther -- Plays music as players connect.
SPECTATOR BUG FIX v1.0 by ]FUSION[ Gray Death -- Fixes the bug when ducking and being killed.
"SHOWNDEAD" SCOREBOARD FIX v0.9.4 by EJ/Vantage/Mouse -- Fixes connecting players from showing up on a team.
FIX ECHO SOUNDS v1.0 by Throstur -- Fixes echo sounds on some maps.
AFK BOMB TRANSFER v1.4 by VEN, revised by Doombringer/Deviance-- Transfers the Bomb to another player if AFK
C4 TIMER v1.1 by Cheat_Suit
STATS MARQUEE v1.2 by Travo
SPAWN PROTECTION v7.1 by Peli Revised for Glow On/Off by KaszpiR Some code change by Bmann_420


Commands and Usage:

Client Commands:

say /gravity - Shows the current gravity
say /fixsound - Fixes echo sounds
say /admin(s) - Shows how many admins in the server and the names of the admins
say /spec - brings you to spec with no kill
say /unspec - brings you back into the game when the round begins[/color]

Admin Commands:

amx_glow <nick> <color> (or) <rrr> <ggg> <bbb> <aaa> -- lasts 1 round")
amx_glow2 <nick> <color> (or) <rrr> <ggg> <bbb> <aaa> -- lasts forever")
amx_glowcolors (Shows all the colors you can use. 30 of em!)
amx_givemoney <nick> <amount>
amx_takemoney <nick> <amount>
amx_godmode <nick> [0|1|2] - 0=OFF 1=ON 2=ON + ON EACH ROUND
amx_noclip <nick> [0|1|2] - 0=OFF 1=ON 2=ON + ON EACH ROUND
amx_weapon <nick> <weapon>
amx_revive <nick>
amx_speed <nick> [0|1]
amx_slay2 <nick> [1-Lightning|2-Blood|3-Explode]
amx_rocket <nick>
amx_fire <nick>
amx_uberslap <nick>
amx_heal <nick> <HP>
amx_armor <nick> <armor>
amx_stack <nick> [0|1|2]


amx_team (same as amx_transfer just easier to use with / command)
Bind +adminvoice (admin voice comm)
amx_sptime <1>
amx_spmessage <1>
amx_spshellthickness <1>
amx_spglow <1>
amx_drug <nick> (Drugs the player for a minute or so)
amx_badaim <player> <On> <Save>: Turn on/off bad aim on a player.
amx_flash <nick> - Flashes players
amx_lock <CT> - Locks selected team
amx_unlock <CT> - Unlocks selected team
amx_transfer <name> <CT> Transfers that player to the specified team
amx_swap <name> <name> Swaps two players with eachother
amx_teamswap - Swaps two teams with eachother
admin_unammo <nick> [0|1] - 0=OFF 1=ON
amx_quit <nick>
amx_gag <nick> <a> <time> - Flags: a = Normal Chat | b = Team Chat | c = Voicecomm
amx_ungag <nick>
amx_bury <nick>
amx_unbury <nick>
amx_disarm <nick>


amx_extend <added> : ex. 5, if you want to extend it five more minutes.
amx_shutdown - Shuts down the server
amx_exec <nick> <command>
amx_pass <server>
amx_nopass - Removes the server password
amx_status - Shows a detailed list of info on players
amx_alltalk [1 = ON | 0 = OFF]
amx_gravity <gravity>

Cam asta e tot ... Cred ca sunt cele mai uitile ... nu am vut sal incarc cu alte prosti inutile doar ce e util
Download Aici

Forum » Counter Strike » Addonsuri » Addons Full (.......)
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